Benefits of installing a shade sail

by Max LIU on October 18, 2017

Don’t burn, get a shade sail!

Extra Heavy Duty Sun Protection Shade Sail Qozy Affordable DIY
Summer is around the corner, and naturally, many of us are looking forward to enjoying our outdoor
spaces. Australians might love the sun, but the sun doesn’t always suit Australian skin. The very
Aussie sun smart message of Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek & Slide must be heeded so that the Summer of
2017, does not return as the Melanoma of 2017. Fortunately, a Qozy shade sail can stylishly help
with the “seek” portion of the sun smart message.

Protects from the Sun in style!
Extra Heavy Duty Shade Sails Waterproof Qozy DIY Outdoor Sun Protection
Properly installed, shade sails can add to the aesthetics of your backyard. Creating not only a cool,
shady place to seek relief from the Sun’s damaging rays but also a cost-effective way to extend
livable area. Just imagine setting up your outdoor lounge chair with a side table under a stylish shade
sail. You could spend the entire day lounging on the chair, reading a book, sipping your drink and you
wouldn’t have to worry about ending the day sunburnt!
The shade sails from Qozy can help you achieve a cosy nook in your backyard where you can rest and
relax. But if you are feeling social, a Qozy shade sail can help you entertain your guests in style! After
all, summer is all about the great Aussie BBQ but how many outdoor parties have been ruined
because the weather wasn’t right? With a Qozy shade sail, you are no longer at the mercy of the
elements. The sail won’t just shade you from the sun, but it will offer some protection against light
rain and drizzle. A shade sail can do all this while looking good and adding to the aesthetics of your

Easy to install and adds to value!
Qozy Super Extra Heavy Duty Shade Sails Waterproof DIY affordable sun protection outdoor
Aesthetics matter, especially when you go to sell your house. Shade sails are an easy way to extend
your property. They are easy to install and remove, plus they don’t need building permits or council
permission. But, for the long run, the biggest benefit of shade sails is that they look good. When it
comes to first impressions, it doesn’t how practical something is, an eyesore is an eyesore. So not
only will potential buyers be impressed by the sun safety and extended liveable space offered by a
shade sail. They will be very happy with the stylish, cosy look and feel of a shade sail. With Qozy
shade sail, it’s not just the practicality but also the beauty that helps to add to the value of your

A little money spent today can save you a bundle tomorrow!
Qozy Super Extra Heavy Duty Shade Sails Waterproof DIY affordable Out Sun Protection
Qozy shades sails start at $85 and can go up to $200.00. There will also be additional costs for
support systems and installation. The final cost of buying and installing a shade sail will very, but the
cost will be much lower than erecting any permanent structure. However, the little bit of money
spent now can save a lot of money in both the short and long term.
How? To begin with, if you are outside in the naturally cool and ventilation, you are not inside
blaring the air conditioning. Reducing air conditioner use during the summer months won’t just be
good for your wallet but will help you to reduce your carbon footprint. Indeed, strategic placement
of shade sails will also reduce the overall sun exposure to your property. So you might find that you
don’t need the A/C as much even when you are inside.
Also, the sun is not just damaging for us humans. Prolonged exposer to the elements will reduce the
lifespan out outdoor furniture and settings. Keeping your outdoor furnishing under shade sails will
ensure that you can use them as intended for many, many years to come. So get a Qozy shade sail
today, can help you save a cosy bundle tomorrow.