How to season a wok

by EDDIS HOUSEWARE on October 22, 2022

When you get a brand new carbon steel wok, you have to season it first before putting it in good use. Follow these simple instructions on how to season a carbon steel wok.

What You Need:

  • steel scrubber
  • stir frying oil 
  • paper towel


#1: Scrub your wok

To get started, you’ll need to first give your new wok a good scrub with a metal scourer, then use a little detergent to make sure it’s nice and clean. After a good rinse, set your stovetop (it doesn’t matter what kind you have) to its highest heat and place your wok on top. Keep tilting and turning to ensure every part is heated and coloured evenly.

#2: Oil your wok

Now it’s time for the oil. Once your wok has been burnt, allow it to cool, then coat the inner surface with a thin layer (using a paper towel helps) of high-heating oil, such as vegetable or sunflower. 

#3: Heat your wok

For the final step, place the oiled wok on the high heat again so the oil can reach its smoking point. Once it stops smoking, that area of the wok is ‘seasoned’. Keep turning and tilting until all the oil has burnt off from every part of the wok – you’ll notice the pan should now have a dark, matte appearance. The more you cook with your wok, the darker it will get.

I recommend seasoning the wok OUTSIDE of the house to be safe. It will create a lot of smoke, and you don’t want that inside your house. Once the seasoning is done, you just have to make sure to use the wok as frequent as you can. Like a good pal in the kitchen, the more you use it, the better it gets.


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